Hartley LLP welcomes aboard as of counsel seasoned litigator Maureen Forsyth

Hartley LLP is delighted to welcome aboard as of counsel seasoned litigator Maureen Forsyth. Maureen previously worked at Robbins, Geller, Rudman and Dowd representing plaintiffs in complex class action and antitrust litigation. Maureen has deep experience managing the electronic discovery of monster cases, developing legal theories on challenging and unique issues of antitrust law and at trial. She has litigated some of the largest class actions in the country over the past six years, after spending a career before that representing a wide range of clients in diverse cases.

What makes her even more interesting, in true San Diego style, is her avid interest competing in triathlons and marathons. We look forward to supporting Maureen in the courts, on the fields, and over the oceans as Hartley LLP’s latest addition. Welcome Maureen!

About Hartley LLP
Hartley LLP represents commercial plaintiffs on a contingency basis and victims of anticompetitive conduct like price fixing agreements, unfair competition, tying agreements and monopolization. Its attorneys have worked to recover hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for its clients. For more information about our practice, visit https://hartleyllp.com/results/.

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