Jason Hartley a Public Justice Trial Lawyer of the Year Finalist

Jason Hartley, as part of the In re Capacitors Antitrust Litigation trial team, was named a finalist for Public Justice’s 2024 Trial Lawyer of the Year Award.

Each year, Public Justice presents its Trial Lawyer of the Year Award to the trial attorney or legal team who made the greatest contribution to the public interest within the past year by trying or settling a socially significant case. The winner of the award will be announced at the 42nd annual Public Justice Gala & Awards presentation, to be held July 22, 2024, in Nashville, TN.

The honor comes in recognition of the outstanding result obtained for the class in In re Capacitors Antitrust Litigation, whose settlements totaled over $604,000,000, which exceeded the actual damages incurred by the class by 38%.

According to Public Justice, Capacitors “highlights the importance of private enforcement of the antitrust laws to bring about economic justice. It demonstrates that antitrust plaintiffs, represented by expert antitrust trial lawyers, can and will use the jury system to protect consumers, workers, and small businesses from those who violate antitrust laws in the United States.”

Founded in January 1982, Public Justice (originally Trial Lawyers for Public Justice) is a nonprofit legal advocacy organization that takes on purveyors of corporate corruption, sexual abusers and harassers, and polluters who ravage the environment. Its battles are inspired by a pledge to further equity and equality, end systemic oppression, and protect and expand access to justice for all. Armed with insightful, nuanced knowledge of federal and state laws and savvy communications and organizing strategies, Public Justice fights to protect the environment, solidify and enhance civil rights, and ensure every individual can exercise their right to have their day in court.

About Hartley LLP
Hartley LLP represents commercial plaintiffs on a contingency basis and victims of anticompetitive conduct like price fixing agreements, unfair competition, tying agreements and monopolization. Its attorneys have worked to recover hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for its clients. For more information about our practice, visit https://hartleyllp.com/results/.

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