Jason Hartley Named to Top Antitrust Lawyer

The Daily Journal, a state-wide business and law publication in California, has selected Jason Hartley as a Top Antitrust Lawyer in the state for 2023. This recognition goes only to the attorneys and firms that have distinguished themselves in the practice of antitrust law.  “I am proud of our team for the outstanding work they’ve done representing businesses as plaintiffs in California,” Mr. Hartley said. “Too often plaintiff attorneys are associated with only individual rights. But our great capitalist system relies on robust competition, free from from artificial manipulation, which means businesses’ rights must also be vindicated. That’s what the antitrust laws are there to protect.”  Congratulations to all the accomplished lawyers acknowledged here.

About Hartley LLP
Hartley LLP represents commercial plaintiffs on a contingency basis and victims of anticompetitive conduct like price fixing agreements, unfair competition, tying agreements and monopolization. Its attorneys have worked to recover hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for its clients. For more information about our practice, visit https://hartleyllp.com/results/.

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