Jason Hartley Speaks at the ABA’s Institute on Class Actions.

November 11, 2022, Scottsdale – Jason Hartley participated in a panel discussion about client development and the business of the practice of law along with esteemed colleagues Joe Saveri, Dan Karon, Elizabeth McKeen and Paul Karlsgodt. The discussion was extremely well-received by the crowd, anxious to receive the benefits of decades-worth of client-getting by the panelists.  While many valuable nuggets about business development was shared by the panel, Jason Hartley’s summarized what he felt was a key takeaway from the discussion: “Be open to and take advantage of opportunities when they come. The only thing you can be sure of is that no action will generate no results.”

About Hartley LLP
Hartley LLP represents commercial plaintiffs on a contingency basis and victims of anticompetitive conduct like price fixing agreements, unfair competition, tying agreements and monopolization. Its attorneys have worked to recover hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for its clients. For more information about our practice, visit https://hartleyllp.com/results/.

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