Project Description

Hartley LLP represents U.S. purchasers of aluminum and tantalum electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors. Capacitors are a ubiquitous passive components found in virtually every electronic device. They store an electric charge which allowed devices to remember data even when they are powered down. The complaint alleges that the major manufacturers of capacitors conspired to fix the prices of products sold in the United States. Settlements from the following companies total approximately $439 million to date: Panasonic Corporation, SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., NEC TOKIN Corporation, KEMET Corporation, Fujitsu Ltd., Nichicon Corporation, AVX Corporation, Rubycon Corporation, ELNA Co., Ltd., , TOSHIN KOGYO Co., Ltd., Holy Stone Enterprise Co., Ltd., Ltd., ROHM Co., Ltd., Okaya Electric Industries Co., Ltd., Taitsu Corporation, Nitsuko Electronics Corporation, Soshin Electric Co., Ltd., and Shizuki Electric Co., Ltd. A criminal investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice into potential antitrust violations in the capacitors industry is ongoing. To date, seven defendants, ELNA, Hitachi, Holy Stone, Matsuo, NEC Tokin, Nichicon, and Rubycon, have pled guilty. Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation, United Chemi-Con, Inc. and Matsuo Electric Co., Ltd. remain in the case, which is expected to be tried late 2020 after the Covid lockdown precipitated a mistrial in June, 2020.

Settlements in the case total over $400 million so far.