SAN DIEGO: October 18, 2022 – Hartley LLP, along with co-counsel Berger Montague, Lieff Cabraser, Hausfeld LLP, and Justice Catalyst filed the first case against RealPage and several of the country’s largest rental property lessors for price fixing tenants’ rents. The long-investigated complaint alleges that the lessors shared their real-time rental pricing and supply levels with each other through the subscription-only service, RealPage. RealPage processed the information from the lessor subscribers through an algorithm that resulted in higher unit-specific pricing and supply recommendations to the lessors. These lessors agreed to follow the recommendation on the expectation that competing lessors would do the same. In fact, RealPage required at least 80% of the subscriber lessors to adopt the recommended rents in order the higher prices to stick. “This agreement between competitors was a naked price fixing agreement designed to rob tenants of any ability to negotiate better rents. We look forward to vindicating the rights of tenants and restoring competition between lessors,” said Jason Hartley.

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