H artley LLP, as co-lead counsel for direct purchasers of beef, obtained the first settlement in the sprawling antitrust litigation concerning the cattle and beef markets. The case alleges a price fixing conspiracy between Cargill, National Beef, Tyson and JBS, which collectively control the majority of both the cattle-buying and beef producing markets in the United States, to fix and maintain anticompetitive prices.  The settlement with JBS consists of a cash component of $52.5 million for direct purchasers of boxed and case-ready beef in the United States, along with cooperation from JBS in the direct purchasers’ case against the remaining defendants. Direct purchasers were the first, and so far the only plaintiff group to obtain a settlement from any defendant in the case, pending in the District of Minnesota. Hartley LLP was appointed co-lead counsel by the Court to act on behalf of direct purchasers of beef in the United States. The complaint was filed in 2020.