Project Description

Hartley LLP, on behalf of the country’s largest purely-inductors distributor, Inductors, Inc., filed an antitrust case in 2018 against several inductor manufactures for price-fixing. The complaint alleges that foreign manufacturers unlawfully agreed to fix the price of inductors (a passive electronic component found in virtually every electronic device) sold to U.S. purchasers.  Specifically, Kemet, Murata, TOKO, Okaya, Panasonic, SANYO, Sumida, Taiyo Yuden, TDK, TOKIN, and Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) are alleged to have conspired to inflate the prices of inductors from 2002 through 2018, in violation of state and federal antitrust laws including the Sherman Act, Section 1.

Hartley LLP attorneys have significant experience in the passive electronic components market having worked closely on the In re Capacitors Antitrust Cases, which has recovered over $100 million for capacitor buyers to date.

The firm is currently taking accepting representation of high volume inductor purchasers. If you or your company purchased inductors from any of the companies listed above, or know facts surrounding the alleged price-fixing conspiracy, please contact us here.