HartleyLLP sues vendor that failed to honor contract to supply one-of-a-kind syringes for testosterone therapy.

HLLP filed a breach of contract and misrepresentation case on behalf of BLS Pharma against Inovio (NASDAQ-INO) and Genetronics. The lawsuit alleges that Inovio refused to honor its obligation to supply needle-free syringes (Zetajets) to BLS, which were needed for its testosterone therapy drug-device combination (DDC). BLS’s DDC, which presented a clear path to FDA approval, was the only one of its kind and would have permitted patients to administer testosterone in their own homes without the expense, discomfort and infection risk of a needle puncturing the skin. Despite receiving a purchase order, issuing an invoice and receiving payment, Inovio flatly refused to supply the syringes and provided no legitimate reason for the breach. 

The breach cost BLS Pharma tens of millions of dollars.


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