Hartley LLP founder Jason Hartley was recently quoted in an article published by Law.com.  The article concerns the antitrust violations of agreements between employers not to solicit, hire or poach each other’s employees, so-called no-poach agreements. No-poach agreements are naked restraints of trade called per-se antitrust violations. They are facially unfair, they hurt competition in the market for skilled workers, they limit workers’ mobility and significantly depress their wages. Hartley LLP is pursuing a number of anti-poaching agreements in antitrust cases on behalf of workers victimized by these agreements, including railroad service workers of Knorr Bremse and Wabtec, Jackson Hewitt workers, and H&R Block workers.

If you feel you were victimized by a no-poach agreement of your employer or former employer, contact us at hartley@hartleyllp.com.